Canavation Product Group Inc announced today that it has acquired CK Soul, a California based wellness company. CK Soul is a wellness brand focused on supplying premium cannabis related wellness solutions.

Canavation CEO, Bill Barlow said, ” CK Soul is a perfect fit for Canavation. Like Canavation, CK Soul is focused on delivering excellence in its products and providing specific solutions for consumers. We look forward to continuing to raise the bar and broaden the range of products we offer so that we can help a larger number of people.”

CK Soul has been a constantly evolving brand since it was founded as CannaKids® in mid-2014. CK Soul launched its new tincture brand and product branding mid-pandemic in May 2020. To date CK Soul has been focused on distribution through a network of California dispensaries to increase brand awareness and educate consumers. Now, the company is expanding into a broader line of wellness products that can be sold online, on a national basis and through international distribution partners.


About Canavation Product Group

Canavation Product Group ( is an award-winning international product development arm and a nutraceutical wellness  company. We develop a broad range of highly differentiated consumer products leveraging rare ingredients and delivery systems. This includes a patent-protected cannabinoid technology offering 20X higher bioavailability, unique topical and ingestible delivery systems and catalog of future rare cannabinoids. We leverage sales worldwide through Joint Venture partners with established sales and distribution pipelines.

We demonstrate quality leadership in the consumer cannabinoid product space and is backed by third party organizations and research facilities.

About CK Soul

CK Soul (  is a California Corporation that has developed a full line of cannabinoid wellness therapies to help aid various wellness conditions. CK Soul began as CannaKids in mid-2014 after seeing success when the founder was using cannabinoid therapy on her own daughter after she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor at the age of 8 ½ months old. The company partnered with scientists and physicians to formulate a product line that was released into the California Market in March of 2015. CannaKids was renamed and rebranded as part of its evolution into a broader wellness brand selling through a network of dispensaries. Now, the company is focused on broadening its wellness offerings, increasing brand awareness, and educating consumers on its product benefits.