Canavation is the parent for a group of companies that include Biolab Naturals, a formulary development laboratory, Pure Solutions, a nutraceutical wellness products manufacturing company and Teewinot CPG an IP holding company.

Biolab Naturals is an award-winning developer of dietary supplements and wellness products with over 20 years of experience. We have decades of experience with ethically sourced velvet antler products and more recently we have worked to develop game changing cannabinoid based products. (

Back in 2001 Pure Solutions began manufacturing naturally and ethically sourced supplement products. Along the way, we have grown into the nation’s leader in velvet antler extract. Today we are an international trusted wellness product manufacture because we design our products to achieve maximum bioactivity, absorption, and effectiveness. (

Teewinot CPG (TCPG) is an IP and brand asset holding company. Beyond the brands we develop, one asset is a patented conversion technology that converts CBD to THC. Others include exclusive agreements with third parties for access to pharmaceutical grade rare cannabinoids.